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A bunch of letters to kick it off: I’m a CD at BBDO LA on AT&T.

It’s seriously the biggest agency/client relationship in the US. Or so they tell us.

We make a TON of stuff.

I also made a ton of stuff before that.

I’ve been a CD on Fast Food, Cars, and Telecom.

I made a “low key bop” and one of the “10 Funniest Super Bowl Spots of the Last 10 Years,”

according to some jobronis on the internet.

Anyway, thanks for taking a look.



DIR: Steve Miller CW: Elaine Kelch AD: Jono Moore



DIR: Steve Miller CW: Dan Rollman AD: Ben Salas

(Career Achievement Unlocked: My name in the spot. Thanks guys)



DIR: Terri Timely CW: Ally Farrish AD: Thomas Hindkamp



DIR: Aaron Stoller CW: Steve Nass AD: Ben Salas



DIR: Steve Miller CW: Dan Rollman AD: Ben Salas



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300 Likes (the fake name of the fake band) became a fully hashtagged social media phenomenon, mostly thanks to “Summertime Lover,” its low key bop.

The spot’s utter ubiquitousness caused both fawning and hilariously frustrated reactions across the internet. Some said it was the “Unofficial Anthem of College Football.”

Due to legit popular demand—for instance not one but two petitions—we released the song on the 300 Likes youtube channel.

Picking a favorite tweet or comment is difficult, so here’s a murderer’s row of the best stuff we saw.

(Well maybe the best was a text from our choreographers, who confirmed that the Backstreet Boys love the spot, quote from it, and are willing to cameo in a sequel.)

Releasing the song also got us some good press from the Clios and Ad Age.

Mostly it felt good to be a part of something people actually loved. There was even a tribute to the dad in the audience.




Oh and fun fact—we shot a whole version with a different line where the boys dance. Some still say it’s even better.



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AT&T does a lot of everything. Radio’s no exception.

Our client put a big emphasis on wanting well-crafted scripts, situations that don’t feel familiar, and high production value.

It’s been a real unexpected joy.

(Boring Cowboys & Boring Victorians shortlisted at One Show and Radio Mercury Awards 2019.)



Soylent is a full 400-calorie meal in a bottle, or scoop.

Their three main targets are young execs,

college students, and gamers.

Extremely fun direct to client work, facilitated by W+K.

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Asada of the Serengeti

Super Bowl XLI

Lions Banner White SB Logo.jpg

In a nice internet surprise, the Lions were called one of the “10 Funniest Super Bowl Spots of the Past 10 Years.”

They were in Archive, and Adweek, and #15 on the USA Today Meter, which (at the time) was huge for Taco Bell.

People really seem to remember this spot, which is nice.

Personally I love that there were youtube tributes and DIY projects.

(And that I got to direct Ricardo Montalban. He flirted with all the ladies at Lime.)

It’s my partner and I doing the voices.

For a while, I was SAG VO talent for William Morris.

People still ask me to do “Carrrne Asada.”


TACO BELL - Asada of the Serengeti

DIR: Chuck Bennett CW: Me AD: Teddy Brown




Top City Motherland

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I’m from Topeka, Kansas. I’m a big booster. is a nostalgic labor of love, offering tshirts and other gear from defunct Topeka businesses.

I have over 75 designs—radio stations, pizza places, minor league teams, department stores, drive-ins…and Cool Clyde’s Waterslide of course.

There’s an instagram and a facebook page.

And I made the front page of the hometown paper!



Outlander Sport

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 5.31.46 PM.png

Outlander Sport - Honey

DIR: Jeff Zwart CD CW: Me ACD AD: Joe Reynoso




Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 7.54.34 PM.png

Hyundai NCAA - Alabama Wedding

DIR: Lenny Dorfman CW/ACD: Me AD: Joe Reynoso

Jeff Bridges calls in for VO sessions from his ranch in Santa Barbara.

When I’d say goodbye, he’d say “Toodle Oo!”

More from this campaign in “More Cars” above



From Talking to Doctors

Talking to Doctrs WHite copy.jpg

Some digital/viral buzz that took off. Super exciting for 2012.

If you’ve forgotten, Todd Akin, a very earnest, but very underinformed Senate candidate from Missouri,

went on a local talk show and put his foot in it vis a vis women’s reproductive health, saying

“It seems to me first of all, from talking to doctors, if it’s a legitimate rape, the woman’s body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

I made the first few of these memes, and set up a tumblr and a twitter.

Then, whoa, it got hundreds of submissions, a million views, and got written up in Jezebel, Uproxx, Mashable,

a couple of other places, and even made Know Your Meme.

My proudest moment was a friend in SF sending me the link—”this is hysterical, have you seen it yet?”